David DiFillippo is the owner and operator of Gia'z DJ Entertainment. Since a child,David has been influenced by music.David's father,a huge Beatles Fan,intoduced them to him when he was just a young boy.From that moment on started something special.Sitting in his room with his record player for hours,playing everything from Frankie Valli,Bee Gees,Rolling Stones to Elvis.Dave has an incredible knack for music from various era's.Growing up Dave took part in various hip-hop projects.Performing in front of crowds is his forte.Dave begin to dj when he was 19.His personality,look,and showmanship,have made him loved by many in the nightlife.He has the uncanny ability to keep a crowd going and a sixth sense of keeping the party moving.A avid music lover who knows the in's & out's of the business.Dave has been involved with various companys in the business.From sound support,stage lighting to dj'ing.   After working on various projects,he decided to start his own business.Gia'z DJ Entertainment was formed after the birth of his daughter Gianna.Gia'z has developed into a premier dj entertainment company.With everything from karaoke to professional videography.Thier rates and service are second to none.