Are you in need of a fun-entertaining atmosphere?

  Gia'z DJ Entertainment is the solution to ALL your entertainment needs.From your local bar and grilles,clubs,private parties,graduations,dances and weddings.Gia'z Entertainment does it ALL!!! We have a limit-less music library from various music types.No matter if your a oldies fan to a hip-hop fanatic-WE GOT IT ALL!!

  With over 10 years in the business,Gia'z DJ Entertainment  is one of New Englands premier dj entertainment companys.Gia'z uses only the best in professional Peavy sound-systems.Our limit-less music database is completly digital.We do NOT use cd's!! Nothing is worse then hearing your favorite songs skip at your event!!

  Gia'z has karaoke available on request and professional videography for any events!!!!!!!!    We have package deals & prices that will fit any budget. While others charge obscene amounts,we will match any quoted price by at least 10%.Unlike other companys we do not charge transportation or set-up fees!! And like most companys,we take pride in what we do.We care about what we do in making your event special,and see that future business depends on what we do now. This is not just a hobby for us, but a lifelong pursuit of perfection.While other dj's stand by and play music,we continue to bring the party to life!!!

     DJ companys constantly require contracts for your event,we will give you the option of that!! We believe honesty and YOUR word is the appropriate way to conduct business. 

  We understand the importance of our customers.Without our valued clients,there would be no us!!

     Upon booking us for any event, we will be in contact with you in person or by phone approx. 2 weeks before your event.This will firm up any final requests and final details for your event. 

                    See for yourself why " SIMPLY THE BEST " is our quote!!!!